Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

We all experience tough times in our lives and seeking out help takes courage, and is considered a strength, not a weakness. Just thinking about going to talk to a stranger about problems may create feelings of anxiety, fear, apprehension or embarrassment. We relate to these emotions and realize that they are perfectly normal and are to be expected.

Our office provides individual therapy and counseling for a variety of issues in a completely private and comfortable setting. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger or confusion may feel overwhelming. These feelings and related problems can be explored in individual therapy and may help increase your self-respect, improve your significant relationships, and unleash your personal potential.

Our professionals can assist you individually by listening to your concerns, setting goals, defining steps to reach those goals, and helping you through the process. Sessions usually last 45 to 55 minutes depending on a variety of factors to include your needs and the topic.

Some people find that individual therapy completes their needs for personal growth and awareness. For others group therapy and/or other services are the next steps in their personal journey.