Counseling Services

Our Professionals

Our therapists provide services to clients who are in need of assistance in resolving some of life's problems. Through the counseling process, we will explore options in reaching your goals. We will work together to develop a treatment plan specific to you. The length of time that counseling will continue depends upon the individual, which may range from weeks to months, or even years. While we can make no guarantees regarding specific results on your goals, we assure you that our services will be rendered in a professional manner consistent with accepted ethical standards.


  • Assessments
    • Mental Health
    • Substance Abuse
  • Individual Counseling
    • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other Trauma Related Issues
    • Substance-Related Disorders
    • Life Changes and Stress Related Events
  • Family Counseling
    • Marital
    • Relational
  • Group Counseling
    • Children Groups
    • Adolescent Groups
    • Adult Groups
      • Anger Management
      • Domestic Violence/ BIP
      • Parenting/Parenting in Recovery
      • Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse
  • Psychological Testing
  • Consultation upon Request